Web Practice live
Web based Medical Software
  • Web Practice Live is practice management software (PMS) that can be accessed anywhere in the world through popular web browsers.
  • You will have instant access to your appointments, patient notes, referrals and billing information.
  • Simply works on commonly available platforms like Windows®, Mac®, desktops, laptops and tablets without any software installation.
Specialist surgeons and physicians
  • Specifically designed by currently practicing surgeons for Australasian surgical and medical specialists to use in private practice.
  • Focus on features that are actually useful rather than complicated systems that are difficult to learn and use.
  • Robust testing ensures simple, elegant and intuitive interface that is fully customisable from operation templates to invoice items.
Secure Medical Software
  • Information is stored on secure servers that many companies including government departments and banks use. It is continually monitored, backed-up, fire-walled and updated.
  • The software is provided on monthly subscription. You only need a computer, a printer and connect to the Internet.
  • Contact us for free trial or click here for more information.

Lustre Enterprises Limited

Lustre Enterprises Ltd is software design and production company based in Auckland, New Zealand. For over ten years we have been developing software for surgeons and physicians to use in their private practice rooms. Our vision is to produce high quality software that are both simple and robust.

We have also created Internet Kiosks software that is installed in hotels and motels in New Zealand and Australia. Recently we have developed a Bariatric database which is web based and accessed by number of surgeons in public and private practice.

Trial now without obligation

From first hand experience we know how hard starting out private medical practice can be. You can trial out our product obligation free for 30 days. We can also extend this free period until you actually start seeing patients. Enquire now on how we can help your specialist practice get off the ground.

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Address: PO Box 24416, Royal Oak, Auckland, New Zealand